Esra Marvin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering in 2013 and has four years of experience working as a design engineer for an engineering consultancy. His main work tasks were preparing construction plans and related documentation for water and wastewater distribution networks. From the beginning of his studies he has had a strong interest in water engineering and hopes to continuously improve his skills in the field in order to serve others. In the WatBus project Esra’s interest are in the technical operation of WUs and the local scale governance of rural water utilities in Kenya.

Kiia Mölsä has a bachelor’s degree from energy and environmental engineering and is currently studying water supply and wastewater management in Aalto University. She is also eager to learn about water governance and has special interest in sustainability issues. She has a background in energy engineering and with her work experience from power plants she has knowledge of production facilities and practical work. In the WatBus project Kiia wants to ensure the water utilities’ sustainability in all areas.



Fang-Shiuan Chang is a master student in Creative Sustainability at Aalto University with hybrid experience of a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Product Design in Taiwan and four years working as a user interface designer of mobile and website application for cloud services. With a strong interest in service design and bottom-up services, she has been working on several projects involved community sanitation education, organic agriculture, she hopes to improve people’s lives in a sustainable way. Within the WatBus project, Fang-Shiuan will be responsible for the communication, facilitating the design process and producing the visualization.

Sanni Eerikäinen (Bachelor’s degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering) has versatile work experience in project development and management in the water sector. Through her work in Finnish Water Forum, joint network of Finnish water sector, she is familiar with different activities and roles of water utilities, authorities, technology and consulting companies, research and funding institutions. Currently she is working as a Project Manager in a development cooperation project in Vietnam. In WatBus project, she is highly motivated to develop management practices and tools of the utilities for them to operate in a more efficient manner.



Linda Njau is at the end of her studies at Kenya Water Institute (KEWI) and will graduate by end of the year 2018. She is especially focusing on water supply and environmental sustainability. In her previous training held by Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Linda gained experience in customer research and environmental conservation. In WatBus project, Linda will especially be good assistance in customer interviews.

Joseph Kariukiwill graduate in July from Kenya Water Institute(KEWI) and has a diploma in Water Engineering. Joseph has high passion for wastewater and environmental issues. Having studied water engineering for three years he has been exposed to the today life challenges regarding water and sanitation. Joseph has also work experience from Nyahururu Water And Sanitation Company (NYAWASCO). He will be of great impact to the WatBus project and share his skills to the project team from local water engineer’s perspective.