The WatBus project is part of the J6P programme support towards self-sustained operation of the water utilities. The main output of the project will be a roadmap for business development of medium sized water utilities in rural Kenya. The roadmap will guide utilities in taking the next steps to become self-sustained in terms of full cost recovery, i.e. generating a steady income by providing water and sanitation services. It will include steps for developing the management and reporting of the utility, optimizing technical performance and creating a business plan.

This main output of the SGT studio course and WSTF cooperation will be achieved through activities described in the following chapter. The output of the roadmap will primarily help to achieve the J6P outcomes 3 and 4 (increasing water supply and sanitation service access) but it will also have an indirect impact on outcomes 1 and 2 (reducing water conflicts and enhancing county capacity). Water related conflicts can be reduced by managing the local water resources more sustainably and through sustainable business of the WUs this can be achieved. County capacity can also be enhanced by providing a practical guide that the county water authorities can utilize in assisting local WUs in self-sustained operation.