Our final product – The Roadmap – was delivered to WSTF in May as planned. After that, the WatBus team has had a joyful summer in Finland and some time to reflect on the whole process.

All in all, one of the learning outcomes of the project has been the importance of communication. Information and technology are useless if they are not understood and applied by anyone. During the project, we have tried to understand Kenyan people and their daily challenges in the water supply. From this perspective, we have tried to make the Roadmap very easy to approach and read.


The Roadmap summarizes our key ideas of what could be the next steps and actions to develop a water user association further. However, detailed plans and actions are not on our behalf: that’s now up to our Kenyan colleagues. Perhaps some new perspectives are developed with the Roadmap.


Our presentation on Aalto Day went well at the end of the May, it has been an amazing journey to us, the new knowledge from local, spectacular landscape in Kenya, unpredictable challenges, all made the project better.

DSC03886 copy.jpg
WatBus presented the outcome and shared the experience on Aalto Day.

WatBus team thanks you for your support and interest for the project! In case of any questions, you’ll reach us through the contact form below. Who knows, where the road will continue?

Esra, Sanni, 
Fang, Kiia


See the roadmap here >>>

Read the final report here >>>


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