Hello Spring! Helsinki is slowly getting warmer, the snow has melted and the birds are warbling. Hope you are all doing well and enjoy the sun!

The final outcome of our project, the roadmap for rural water user association, is now under progress. Additionally, we have compiled the data and recommendations for each visited association separately. The roadmap will have a check-list of most important management practices for each topic and for each checkpoint in the list, we’ll also give a brief description with clarification of the task, why is it important and how can it be done. The roadmap might then be used by WSTF or the utility management themselves to go through their operations and development needs.

Laikipia, Kenya

We already got some feedback for the content from Anne. We already have a lot of information, but we’ll still try to emphasize the perspective of business development, instead of concentrating on the technical issues. Moreover, Anne reminded us to use common language and simple vocabulary, since the roadmap users will have varying backgrounds and might be unfamiliar with the technical language.

Some questions still remain for the exact needs for the roadmap, which we should have maybe clarified better in the field trip. Addressing financial sustainability is anyway in the core and it should be clear from the final roadmap. There’s still a lot to do with the roadmap to make it useful and understandable for its users, but we’re optimistic and continue the work!


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