Two weeks no see!

The field trip is now behind us and our team has safely landed back to Finland. After some rest we have recovered our energy levels, started to process our data and plan the final roadmap.

After the trip, only the four of us, Kiia, Fang, Sanni and Esra will focus on the roadmap. Joseph and Linda will still help with the data and give comments as the roadmap starts to shape up. Mirja will be working with us from Kenya and Anne support us here in Finland.

As we have been going through the data, we have reorganized it to make the three different utilities comparable. The tables are coming together nicely to a structure influenced by the meeting we had in Nairobi with Kenya Markets Trust. However, even though we have a LOT of data, we have noticed that some of the information is a bit controversial and some details are missing. The reason is that some notes are written by different people and sometimes difficult to interpret afterwards. Also, a big part of the information came outside of the official interviews and is not included in the proper notes. Luckily we still have Mirja, Linda and Joseph in Kenya helping us out with the missing information.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 19.03.47.png

Reorientation for the project after a break has not been easy, but we’re slowly making progress! Luckily our cameras are full of motivational phrases we saw everywhere in Kenya. We might just use these phrases to boost up the spirits. Also, meeting the other SGT course groups to discuss our experiences was helpful and gave us some good ideas for continuation.

So the work continues! Next we’ll present some findings from the site visit and initial plans for the roadmap.


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