Sipili water project has 360 connections to households within 4 zones and 2 active water kiosks. Although the water network is a bit complicated, three boreholes provide good water service.

Chairman and other committee members explained how their water network works
Interviewed project committee members

With Sipili water project, we had the similar timetable as with the other utilities. We got to know to their systems, interviewed the committee and customers an had a business planning workshop. The workshop was very successful with active participation from the committee members. In addition, especially Laikipia County Résidence Monitor Martha’s help and good suggestions on regular monitoring gave the utility staff a lot to think about.


Built the business model with committee members together
Each group presented their findings and possible improvement


After visiting their utility and interviewing project committees and customers, some challenges could be identified. They have really good bookkeeping like billings and maintenance records, however, they collect very little revenue which is not enough to cover future investments they need to make. Budgeting and a clear investment plan are needed to make the coverage of their services bigger. 100% of their connections are metered which is helpful to control the NRW and guarantee the income from customers. This is a very good starting point for their business development. With some good ideas, clear budgeting and well-thought investments they have the keys to make their business successful.

Again we learned a lot from the visit. One of the key findings was how close relationship between the utility and the community can help running the association. We hope to see Sipili water project developing well in the future!


The business model was developed with the Sipili water project



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