We have now visited all three utilities and are headed back to Nairobi. There, we will still have two meetings on Friday after which we are finished with the project here in Kenya and can start to think about the final roadmap.

The field trip has been very informative and intense. Feelings have been changing from confusion to success and tiredness to energetic. Two weeks of travel, many laughters, long evenings and multiple language problems later, the overall feeling now is positive. We have a lot of data and many ideas from workshops to work with but the main challenge is combining them into one report and most importantly, one roadmap for business development planning. All WUAs we have visited have been different and had their own challenges and for now, coming up with the similar plan for all of them sounds difficult. Luckily in Finland, we have plenty of time to work on it.

And if we don’t come up with a good roadmap for business development planning, at least we have brought water to Kenya with us: It’s now raining cats and dogs, in the middle of the dry season.



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