On Tuesday, we continued the project preparations for a meeting at the Embassy of Finland in Nairobi. Deputy head of mission and advisors of different sectors shared their expertise and experience on Kenyan operating environment. Finland has a strong focus on accountable governance and the Embassy is working a lot with the devolution to support Kenya’s development. There’s still a lot to do with the accountability, but already now Kenya and especially Nairobi is the dynamic business hub of East Africa. Though, Finnish companies seem to often underestimate the opportunities and potential of cooperation in Kenya.

After the Embassy we continued developing our plans for upcoming WRUA workshops and interviews.



We also met with Ann Nabangala Obae, Programme Officer of Climate Change and Ruth Nganga, Manager of Resources mobilization and Corporate communication from WSTF. Ms. Ruth and Ann gave us very useful comments regarding the project content and focus of the field trip. They advised us to focus especially on business efficiency and overall water resources management in the area. All the work and investments for water supply are useless if the problems start already at the water source, which might suffer issues with both quantity and quality. Furthermore, external factors like the impact of climate change and green technology should be considered as well. And of course, to develop the business, listening to the customer expectations and needs is essential.

Fruitful day again, then tomorrow we will visit Embu water company on the way to Taraka Nithi!




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