It was the official first day of the WatBus project!

It was nicely windy in the morning and we started the field trip by meeting Eric Adams, the President of Big Five Africa Ltd., and Lugard Ogaro, WASH Governance Manager of USAID. They presented the strategic planning of the KIWASH project of USAID and shared their experience and knowledge of the water sector in Kenya.

The meeting was really helpful and Eric and Lugard gave us many useful insights and practical tips for our upcoming workshops and interviews. Water indeed is a political issue also in Kenya, and it is essential to understand all the different power relations and dynamics related to water. To make investments that really have an impact, good governance is a prerequisite.

From left to right, Mirja, Lugard, Esra, Anne, Sanni, Kiia, Fang and Eric. @USAID

After the good lunch, we headed to the Water Sector Trust Fund directly to have the kick-off meeting with two students from Kenya Water Institute (KEWI), Linda and Joseph, who are joining us for the field trip. We discussed our ideas for the project and planned the workshops for WUA’s further together. The contribution of Joseph and Linda was really helpful and we’re happy to have them and their local expertise with us on the field trip!

Discussing the workshop for the field trip. @WSTF

So we had a really good start today! Tomorrow we will begin the day at the Embassy of Finland in Kenya and continue the field trip preparations at WSTF office. Stay tuned!



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