Greetings from Helsinki! Yes, we are still in Helsinki now, the exciting field trip is still 10 days later and we are working hard so far. As a person who loves traveling, it is thrilling for me to explore a whole new culture and the field of water; at the same time, as a designer, I am also excited to make the difference through the project WatBus which is about water supply and water using in two counties around Nairobi
Since last December our team had been formed, a multidisciplinary and international team, we have done so many things for the coming travel during January!
Aalto Global Impact organized the event for the students who are going to travel to Africa this spring, East Africa Day, we learned a lot and had an image of the African culture. We had academic dialogues of the perspectives of sustainable developments, the inspiring panel discussion by sustainable startups in Africa, Mifuko, Nanomaji, Fuzu, and Ukumbi, that they shared the story how did they start and how did they evolve into the community, as well as understanding the market.
Besides, we had some workshops for preparing the field trip. Thank Veera Pansala shared so many helpful knowledge of designing a project and forming the objectives, we used some tools and methods to have a clear framework. And the service design workshop hold by Anni Hapuoja, she shared the concept of human-centered design which is all about listen and ask. Since we wanna design a service for people, the best way is understanding the needs of people, by that, we can ask good questions about their lives, habits, and the most important is to know their beliefs and values through behaviours.
Define the stakeholders, more important one will be placed in the centre.
Trying to use “why” in your interview, to listen and to understand the people.
Anyway, we already had several meetings with our mentor Anne and Skype meetings with Mirja from WSTF and got much feedback! We are now working on the project document, the draft will be discussed with Veera later this week and the finalization will be done next week. Hopefully, we can secure a little more funding, and plan more detailed about the site visit!
Time to learn simple Swahili! The word I believe we gonna use the most!
Asante – Thank you

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